Friday, September 20, 2013

Spiritual Output

Spiritual Output

       The world is made up of inputs and outputs.  The challenge can be to find the balance between the two.  Five years ago I retired from my career as a buyer for a chain retailer.  As a buyer after constant inputs from vendors and management I would then have to output a plan or a strategy for the products selected.   The cycle would continue with each buying season.  Life involves a continuous flow of inputs and outputs.

In order to define output, we must first look at input in our dualistic world.  For now, in order to have an output we must start with an input.  In the age of information overload with smartphones, Facebook and Twitter as a society we do not have a challenge inputting.  With busy work schedules, school activities and social agendas we add to our inputs.  Our heads are spinning and swirling with details.

Next we move into the spiritual side of output.  Often as spiritual beings having a physical experience we think that being spiritual means not doing or not outputting.  Granted sitting in meditation is a wonderful experience and certainly needed but it is not the only place where spirituality resides.  After looking within, we need to “go out”.  As we move from duality to enlightenment or Christ conscious living we see that outputting can also be looking within, there is no difference.

This leads me to “spiritual output”.  As we move from the world of duality, where something is or isn’t, to the world of ascension, we realize the sameness of it all.  “Spiritual output” is about letting your soul shine.  While it is good to have input, such as books, videos, workshops, classes, and/or conferences, we need to have “spiritual output”.  What makes your soul sing?  This is your purpose in life.  The output is your choice.  Is it art?  Maybe it’s music?  Perhaps you like to write?  Can you teach a class?  What is your “spiritual output”?  If you haven’t guessed, mine is writing.  When I hit information overload on a daily basis I need to make sure that I am living a balanced life.  I need to write.  If my output is lacking then my energy is not flowing evenly and my mental, physical and emotional bodies suffer.  Find your “spiritual output” and remember to keep a balance between what you are taking in and what you are putting out. 

Let your soul sing!

Love, with a “heart of peace”,

Susan J. McFarland


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