Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekends to Mondays

Weekends to Mondays

“Monday Monday”, as the song goes.  It is Monday, the day after Mother’s Day.  After a beautiful sunny, hot day enjoying the company of birds, my girls and Mom I awoke to a stormy, rainy day of school and chores.  There is work to be done, schedules to follow after a rather relaxed free flowing weekend.  We are back in the scheme of life.

Life needs balance, a bit of Monday and a bit of weekend.  Feeling too comfortable in one or the other throws us off kilter.  I tend to find the scheduled routine of known tasks comforting and calming.  Cleaning and organizing throughout my day brings a sense of control in this chaotic world. 

The unknown of the weekend, with the flexibility to choose at any given moment brings a constant anxiety to me with every possible option lying at my feet.  This freedom can bring on terror.  Yet, when I open the space up in my life for such choice, I can often just relax in the experience, ultimately finding a true sense of joy.

Is this the reason we are all so busy, filling every moment and void unable to have a clear thought and a peaceful second to connect and nurture ourselves.  Yesterday as I chatted with Mom outside, we watched the birds continuously fly around the back yard and occasionally stop at the feeder.  I enjoy taking a second to observe the wildlife, whether it is birds, bunnies or even deer.  Through this natural connection I engage nature, myself and Spirit.     ow        

It can be frightening when we connect to find aspects of ourselves that perhaps need a review or adjustment.  Is this the reason for the avoidance?  We create schedules and routines, never sitting long enough in the silence to capture our inner world.  In this uncovering, our darkest selves are revealed but also our Light.  Without these open and free moments our True Light cannot shine.  

Be still.  Be silent.  Schedule it.  

It will bring you lasting comfort and peace.

Love, “with a heart of peace”,

Susan J. McFarland    
May 2014