Thursday, November 21, 2013



Overnight after a fierce wind storm we lost power.  We woke up to the lack of electricity, water, refrigeration, flushable toilets, phone, and internet service.  At first the new state of being was exciting and fun.  The kids loved having flash lights to use while dressing.  We searched for half empty water bottles to brush our teeth.  I traveled to Grammie’s to complete the laundry.  Yet, as the day continued we began to feel powerless.  We were ready to have our source of power reinstated.

After reflecting on our environment it reminded me how powerless we can feel without “electricity”, our Source of Power or God.  Without Source we can no longer drink for refreshment and cleansing.  Instead of fresh water, in the morning I drank a kid’s juice box.  It gave me a boost of energy, but it was false energy from sugar.  I missed not only the fresh drinking water, but also the water to wash away any residue on my face and body.  Without Creator supplying me the “electricity” for washing I was unable to release the unnecessary debris from myself.

Also, without Source energy, nourishment became a problem.  All the fresh, healthy nutritious food was in my refrigerator.  It was close by.  I could touch the doors, but I was unable to open it.  I knew it was there, yet without the source of energy supply I was helpless, knowing that if I dared open it and partake in a bit of healthy fresh food I may lose my entire stock.  With power from Source I am able to ingest nutrient rich and life giving sustenance without worry of running short or empty.  

Another luxury of the Western world that we take for granted is a flushable toilet.  As we release aspects of our lives that no longer serve us the excess needs to be “flushed” away.  It is one thing to discharge a thought, idea, action or person from our life, but sometimes we need to actually remove it.  The drive from Source can help us accomplish this often unpleasant task.  This gives us back our power.    
Living without a home phone or internet is no longer as detrimental to staying connected now that we have Smart phones and wireless connections, but it can prove to be a challenge.  We now rely on our phones and tablets to stay connected to our friends, family, school and the world throughout the day.  We often feel lost and alone without this valued linking.  Yet, within us we have the ability to be united to Source energy and stay powerful without any device or equipment.  We can tap into this “electricity” simple by will or intent.  By being in a quiet space, perhaps lighting a candle or listening to calming music while breathing deeply brings us back to this power.  Suddenly and often effortlessly we are connected.  We are powerful.

As the strong winds blow into your life pushing you out of your comfort zone, remember your internal power Source.  As you are uprooted like a tree or as branches break off during a storm remind yourself of the eternal power source that lies within you. You always have access to it.   It can assist you with cleansing, sustaining, eliminating and connecting.  Taping into this source of energy you’ll never need to feel powerless again. 

Love, "with a heart of peace",