Friday, September 13, 2013

Progressive Transparency

Progressive Transparency

  Living with two children I find it best to extend information on a need to know basis.  Although I find myself wanting to tell details to them, often it is best to feed small bits of information when the time is right.  Recently I came across this phrase, “progressive transparency” and it made me think not only of how I share with my children, but truly how God works with us.

  We are not given a download of the Universe upon arrival on Earth.  Clearly, that would be overwhelming.  As children, we are new to the World yet little by little we learn about our environment through our senses; tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, smelling and intuition.  We quickly gather information in order to survive.  We learn, grow and expand as needed when we are ready.  Progressively is how we move from one point to the next.   Transparency moves with us.       

  Progress happens when we are ready.  Crawling comes before walking.  Speaking comes before writing.  My daughter is from Guatemala and came home when she was five.  She spoke a little Spanish when she came home and no English.  She couldn’t ride a bike, swim a stroke or read a book.  Now, with progress she can do all three.  As she encounters new challenges progressively life becomes more transparent to her.

  As we age into adulthood and beyond this transparent progress continues.  As we mature through lessons, learning and growth Creator begins to show us more of the World, seen and unseen, more of ourselves and more of Him/Her.  This is expansion and ultimately ascension.  We must progress or we will not be ready for this transparency and it will not be given to us.  Progressive transparency is a privilege.  As children we learn privileges come with responsibility.  This continues into adulthood, without responsibility God cannot become transparent.  We are not ready and thus not prepared.  While progressive transparency is how the Universe works, we must join in and be part of the process in order for our continual self-advancement.  This is the ultimate goal achievement and leads to our own transparency within ourselves.  

Love with,

"a heart of peace"


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