Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spiritual Organizing

Spiritual Organizing

Organizing is a spiritual process.  We have many things we can organize.  We can organize material possessions: our clothes, homes, and even money. We can organize time: schedules, events, and activities.   We can organize thoughts and emotions:  peace, love and joy.  We all do this, every minute of every day without much conscious effort.  Yet, organizing can be a mindful practice as much as yoga, meditation and prayer.

There was a time when meditation and prayer were a chore for me.  I knew I needed to do it but I often didn’t want to or would find excuses not to do it.  Today, thankfully meditation and prayer have become a priority in my life.  It is a requirement for sanity.  Every morning before I start the day I spend time with spirit, which includes Creator, my angels and guides along with myself.  Without this critical piece of the day, my mind is filled with excess anxiety.  It is a confused and chaotic mess ready to uproar at any stressful moment. 

As important as it is to have a spiritual practice in order to connect with the Divine and calm your worries, it is equally vital to have “spiritual organization” in your life.  This summer I have been on a spiritual quest, if you will.  The quest has been to seek spirit unity through organization.  Whether it comes from releasing unused furnishings, carpet cleaning or fixing broken fixtures I am finding spiritual fulfillment in the practice of “spiritual organization”.  Not only is my home more open, clean and functional but my mind is as well.  I can stay focused, think clearer, and respond quicker when my mind is not concentrating on my “to do” list.     

At this mid-year point, in the heart of summer, I challenge you to not only develop a daily spiritual practice if you haven’t already, but also to create a “spiritual organizational” plan for your home.  Start with one drawer or one room.  Each week, if not each day be mindful of “spiritual organization” in your home and select an item or space to clear, clean or fix.  As you begin this process, you will start to feel a new sense of energy.  Your home will feel free and light and consequently you too will feel freer and lighter.   

As you “spiritual organize”, fresh thoughts, opportunities and items will come into your life.  Make room for the new by “spiritually organizing” today.        

Susan J. McFarland
July 2014