Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas to All the World

Merry Christmas To All The World

All the time I think that I am the luckiest kid in the world and I think to myself about the other kids in the world. Like the kids that live in orphanage in Guatemala that aren’t as lucky as me and they don’t have homes or family’s and they don’t get adopted like me anymore. 

I wish that the people can let people adopt more kids in Guatemala and be as lucky as me. I want people to help the other people that live in the streets and let them have food and shelter so they don’t have to suffer and die without having a wonderful life. I am so happy to have my family and my two cats and my guinea pig and rat and have a house and be warm with food. I wish that all the orphans were like me.  

Maybe someday.

Happy Holidays,

Maria Angelina McFarland

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Perception is Not Reality

Perception is Not Reality

Trying to focus on the gifts of the season like love and peace, but it seems so hard at times, so many “things” that you think need to be done.  You know it’s in your head and you can change your thinking, but you have been so conditioned over the years.  Sometimes it seems nothing has changed and other times it seems that everything has changed.  It is true while everything has changed on your outside and inside truly you are still the same. The truth is you are always as you are now and never as you perceived yourself, so yes, your perception has changed but the core of you is the same. 

As your perception changes your outside world changes to reflect your inside world.  Your perception keeps changing to match who you truly are at the center.  Ultimately this is the goal of ascension, to align your outside world with your true inner nature, through perception.  Continue to grow and adjust your perception and your outside world with continue to match up with your inner being.  The closer you get to match the two up the happier and more peaceful you will be.  As your current world is more aligned to your true being than in the past, you will have more moments of peace and happiness. 

So, as the Winter Solstice begins in a couple days, the New Year, continue to adjust and change your outer world to match your inner world.   People often match their inner world to the outer world.  This is chaos.  For the world is only confusion and pure illusion. This is the problem.  Matching the inner world with the current outer world only brings pain.  You can never achieve an illusion, it’s not possible so you strive and strive and strive with no success. 

Your world is but a reflection of your inner being, but you must go deep down in your interior to reach this core to find your true self.  She is there.  Quiet.  Waiting.  She is like a small innocence child wanting to stay close to home and close to her parent.  She has to trust you before she will let you hold her hand.  It takes time and effort or should I say patience.  But when she lets you close, she will open her heart to you.  This is the magic.  This is Heaven on Earth.  This is where you can begin to align your outer world with your true inner child.  Miracles occur here.

You have changed the outside appearance but in reality you have not changed yourself, you have found yourself.

Love, “with a heart of peace”,
Susan J. McFarland
December 2013                   

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Birth of Christ Consciousness

The Birth of Christ Consciousness

December is a time of love, sharing and caring for our fellow beings on this planet. It can be a time where we reflect on the path of our life and perhaps birth a new direction. A sacred season, to go inward to realize the God within, whether it is with prayer, meditation, quiet time or through reading inspirational books.  In these moments, we realize our own divinity, unity and power that reside in us and is us.

We are divine.  A spark of the divine is inherent in each of us.  God is with us, whether we awaken to the fact now or later in life.  Through this knowledge, consciousness, the expression of the mind working through the brain expands as we begin to understand this element of ourselves. Expanded consciousness leads to growth.  Through growth we evolve and raise our vibration to the next level.   As we begin to acknowledge our divinity, we can change the direction of our life.  Coming from a conscious place instead of from the ego we begin to see ourselves at one with the world and its inhabitants.  

Being at one with our body and mind, at one with all peoples and at one with Mother Nature gives us a sense of peace and well-being.  We no longer need to “fight against” a certain idea, certain people or even ourselves and our body.  We do not need to “fight” a disease, but awaken to the understanding as to why the “dis-ease” has become a part of our life.  Thanking it and learning from it.  In this place of unity, or oneness with life we can “with ease” travel through adversity.  This gives us a sense of power, one that does not stem from the ego but from the heart or consciousness. 

Knowing that all beings have this divine light in them¸ that we journey together as one and as we expand our consciousness and raise our vibration we expand together, moving the planet ever forward to reach this enlightened state, this state of peace.  Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Moses and others showed us the way. 

So I say to you, “glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” (Luke 2:14).

Love, "with a heart of peace,"

Susan J. McFarland

December 2013