Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Creator, Creation and Creatures

“Creator, Creation and Creatures”

            Webster defines “create” as to cause something to exist.  In looking at these three words, create is the base or root word of each of them.  Create can mean to make or produce something if used as a verb, but if used as a noun it can mean offspring, as in “my creation”.  Currently, I am taking a World Religions class and today we discussed “God”, if you will.  As part of the discussion the teacher referred to some sects of the Jewish religion that cannot or will not say the word “God” because of the power in the name.  Pondering this thought leads to me to wonder if “God” or Creator is everywhere in creation including in His/Her creatures, then we too are a part of this power.  Along with God, we, the creatures are the creators of our creation.

Let’s begin my examining Creator.  Certainly, in studying God, one has to have the assumption or belief in a higher power.  Creator, a being that makes or produces something or has offspring as the Latin reference infers.  Being that we are currently in the physical form, when we think of making something we think in terms of the tangible and the visible.  We can see the world around us, people, animals, plants, stars, clouds, the moon and sun.  Creations made by the creator.  Truly beyond this understanding we must consider the intangible or the invisible.  What about the air, the sun rays and the moon light?  Think about happiness, joy and love.  Science may tell us how these are actually made, but can they explain why a breath of fresh air in the sunlight is such a peaceful experience?  How about why gazing at the moon envelops us with serenity?  A high power is not only creating the seen world, but the intangible universe.  As part of Creator, we too can create these creations, these “feelings” beyond the touchable.

This brings me to creation.  If the Supreme Being is creating, then what He/She is creating is creation.  What is creation?  God creates everyone, everything and yet creates no-thing and no-one.  Creator creates the matter and the space between the matter, the energy and the flow of the energy.  Creation is an accumulation of all things and of no things.  We are a piece of this and therefore have the ability to not only be a creation (or offspring) but also a creator.  We have the power albeit from God to create in the physical form that which we want, but also in the ethereal world that which we desire.   If we want a new job, a new relationship, a new car we have the power within us to draw this energy and this manifestation towards us.  In alignment with that thought, we have the ability to bring forth joy, happiness, peace and love if we so desire, both come from the power of the Creator and creation.      

We as the creatures or offspring of God, have the power or energy to create anything and at the same time no-thing that we desire.  All it takes is a thought, a decision and an action to move in the direction of the life of creation that we choose.  With God’s assistance, we become the creators of our creation.  Begin today, to create the life of your dreams.  You are an offspring of Creator and a divine creator.  Create!   

Love, with a “heart of peace”,

Susan J. McFarland


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