Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthing Genius from Chaos

Birthing Genius from Chaos

“All genius is a conquering of chaos and mystery”, states Otto Weininger

Last weekend, my youngest daughter (third grader) and her team competed in an international competition called Odyssey of the Mind (OM).  The challenge consists of selecting from a group of “problems” to create an eight minute performance that is then judged on various criteria depending on the chosen option.  The process begins in the fall and ends around spring time.  The children on their own have to develop the story line, the script, the backdrops, the props, the costumes and ultimately perform in front of a group of individuals at the regional competition site without the assistance of any adult.  The day of the contest is filled with excitement and anticipation throughout the halls of the school.  Even in this supposedly chaotic environment genius erupts.          

This year, I coached the long-term problem with help from other parents.  If you can imagine the scene, a group of seven third graders, all friends working through this project after a long school day.  They are excited to see each other they are excited to “play” which means move.  Attempting to corral them together to focus on one idea and this huge goal can be quite testing.  Yet, in the end, after six long months and crazy chaotic practices it all comes to gather almost poetically.     

Life is about birthing genius from chaos.  Admittedly I do not like chaos it’s unsettling at best and terrifying at worst.  Perhaps this is why after a long hard winter of home and school responsibilities, volunteer efforts and OM practices I wanted some order in my life.  Once again, I called on Minnie Kansman at www.minniekansman.com from Eco-Balance to come to the rescue.  Minnie is trained in the art of Feng Shui. 

Feng Shui is about bringing balance and harmony into your working and living environments.  Minnie arrived after reviewing my house plans and meditating on the outside and inside of my home.  She connected with a pine tree spirit that resides behind my house and guards my property.  Inside, Quan Yin, the Buddhist compassionate mother of all watches over our family and residence.  With Minnie’s assistance we reviewed all areas of my home especially my office and my back hall way where I felt the energy was congested and confined albeit chaotic.  She made various recommendations throughout each room which included moving my office to face the door, a stronger more powerful location.            

After following through on her suggestions, followed by intensive spring cleaning in my basement and garage area I feel the chaotic energies subsiding allowing room and space for new ideas and fresh thinking to enter. 
With the change of seasons, it’s time to transmute the chaos in your life, whether it’s actual stuff, busy mental thoughts or relationship drama into the genius that can be found underneath it all.  

Rearrange, reorganize and release to uncover your true genius. 

Love, “with a heart of peace”,
Susan J. McFarland
March  2014                                                     

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