Sunday, March 23, 2014

Compassion Begins Within

Compassion Begins Within

The energy of Quan Yin, the Buddha compassionate mother of all, over lights my house.   She reminded me Saturday night as I was spending an evening alone and in solitude that compassion begins with oneself.  I must have compassion first for myself before I can extent it out to others.  With the multitude of activities as a mother and a wife, compassion typically spreads out before it points in.  

Monday started with an episode of vertigo, which forced me to sit either in my sun room or my office the entire day.  Thankfully I was able to work on my computer and accomplish the tasks at hand.  I continued to accomplish all that I could.  Tuesday was a field trip day to the State Capital with my daughter’s class, so not a restful day.  Wednesday brought household duties and foundation work to the table.  Thursday, more foundation work, plus excessive spring cleaning.  Friday entailed housework, then a school carnival.  Still feeling tired, weak and a head full of pressure I continue onward.

Saturday, after a community pancake breakfast I picked up my daughter who was having emotional teenage issues before meeting with a friend for a few hours.  By the time I reached my friend I was drained of all energy.  Releasing to her my concerns of the week I carried on to the evening.  Here, I found myself at last home alone in solitude with all the duties of the week complete.

That is when Quan Yin came through during my meditation to remind me to have compassion for myself.  Often times I wait until all my “duties” are completed to meditate or write.  Why is this not our first priority?  Why is it that we feel everything must be in order before we can connect with our Divine Self and Creator?  This is the lesson I must learn.  A balanced life means balancing the spiritual and the material.  It is easy in this hectic, busy, noisy world to lose that connection with the Divine, especially the Divine that resides in you.  Start today by having compassion for yourself first.  Without compassion for yourself there will be little left to gift others.

Love, “with a heart of peace”,

Susan J. McFarland

March 2014

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