Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Treasure Inside

The Treasure Inside

In less than a week I leave for vacation, out of the country, to Costa Rica.  Costa Rica translates as the land of the rich coast.  Within the country I am hoping to encounter treasures of sunshine, warm temperatures, rainforests, waterfalls and a variety of wildlife not found in Michigan.  While it possible to find beautiful and bountiful treasures outside let us not neglect the treasure that lay within our own walls.

Before leaving I gather our belongings, imagining and planning for the every need of a family of four.  At the same time I am compelled to continue my spring cleaning efforts.  
My focus continues to be on my office.  Here is a place where “head” and “heart” need to merge.  In the past it was solely a “head” place.

After moving my desk into the power position, facing the door and creating an altar on a shelf I set my intentions on my book shelves, two sets of eight shelves side by side, a built in structure.  I love books.  My collection consists of books on: nutrition, herbal medicine, angels, yoga, Buddhism and Native America, to name of few of the categories.  I also had old folders from classes long since passed.  There was a selection of mementos and some outdated pictures.  It was muddled at best disordered at worse.  It was time for an energy shift.

As I began to maneuver through each book and artifact I began a spiritual journey.  The books represented different times in my life where I was working on a particular issue.  It was healing and comforting to hold each book and decide whether it was time to “let go” of it or keep it in the collection.  As I moved through the shelves and made stacks by genre I felt an openness and freshness.  The chi was moving. Among the treasures, I found items long forgotten, such as a travel journal and Spanish CD’s, which I actually needed at the moment.   

There was a time in my life where I had to read every book, take every class or workshop, and buy spiritual icons   My overfilled book shelves pay the price.  Today, I no longer feel the need to search out the latest spiritual idea buy the most beautiful angel or even attend all classes.  I now know that all the treasures I could ever want I already have.  I no longer need to search, struggle or strive to find the key to my spirituality.  It is within me, right where it’s always been. 

Here’s to finding your treasures.

Love, “with a heart of peace”,

Susan J. McFarland
April 2014  

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