Friday, February 21, 2014

Just Exploring...


Just Exploring…

Today is a windy, cold snowy day, a Friday in Michigan.  I sit here thinking about many topics, not sure which one to write about but feeling the need to write something as a form of expression and release.  The message from Spirit today is about words, exploring and release.  Perhaps, with my words I should explore how to release negative emotions, fears and expectations while anticipating the possibilities of the future. 

This week has been a week of release.  Letting go of the past and the negative emotions that join it, letting go of fears about the future, letting go of expectations on how things should be.

On the anniversary of Max’s (my cat) passing I marvel at how fast a year transpired.  I miss Max but see his reflection in our little Pearl who looks and often acts like him.  Although Max is no longer physically present here with me I feel and sense his spirit.  Moving forward through the storm as the wind blows I intuit change.     

Life is moving.  If you are stagnant, life moves anyways.  If you fear the change, the wind blows harder.  Life will tell you when it’s time to move with the wind and not struggle against it.  Recently, I released an expectation of a dream that needed to be set free.   I had high hopes at the beginning, but the Universe wasn’t responding as I had deemed necessary.  There is a reason.  I don’t know what it is and I may never know, but I need to honor myself, listen, and act.    

Pushing through the emotions, past the fear and beyond the expectations I simply explore potentials, whether through words or deeds.  We need to explore just to explore not only ourselves but life. 

While watching the Olympic coverage I heard about the skier Sarah Burke who was an innovator in her field of skiing especially for women, pushing beyond fear and expectations, she explored potential.  Sarah was instrumental and insistent on the women’s half pipe being an Olympic event in 2014.  Sarah died in a skiing accident, but her dream was realized this year.        

As the winds of winter hopefully come to a close in the next few weeks and they release the cold and snow along with it the emotions, fears and expectations.  I dream of the budding spring and anticipate the joy of exploring.    

Love, “with a heart of peace,”

February 2014

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