Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time In

Time In

Whether its winter or a rainy summer day we often need to be inside.  Normally I like to walk in the morning when the world is quiet, the girls are sleeping and the birds are chirping.  Today, it is raining.  Certainly I could walk in the rain and I have done this but I decided to stay inside.  Whether it is a choice or we are forced inside, often it is the best thing for us.  Spending time “within” through meditation and/or prayer if often the yearning of our soul.

My daughter Zara, from the time of birth wanted to move.  At age eight she still wants to move constantly.  She is a ball of energy.  Dinner is a challenge if she is required to sit through it.  When she was a tiny baby I was required to move and hold her all day long to keep her happy.  She did not like swings, or bouncy seats or lying on the floor.  She wanted “time in” with Mom.  If she didn’t have this cuddle time then she would cry.  As she grew older and I attempted to give her a “time out” this would cause trauma.   What she wanted was “time in”.  When she was “misbehaving” instead of trying to single her out and separate her I would often just hold her and give her what she desired and needed, a “time in”.

Just like the infant or small child we need “time in” with our parent, our Creator.  We are all balls of energy like Zara, although as I age my energy ball isn’t as strong.  As our energy is depleted through the course of the day we need to have reserves to pull from in order to function at our best.  How do we acquire these reserves?  The same way a Zara did, with “time in”.  Starting the day with a spiritual practice of going within as a child clings to his parent gives us the strength and security we need to thrive in this world.

Whether this practice includes meditation, prayer, or a walk in the woods is up to the child.  The child knows what soothes him.  The child must decide what is best.  Even though Zara loved movement, the swing did not soothe her.  As a mother I need to listen to the cues from my daughter and respond.  The Creator knows his children even more than a mother and understands what comforts them.  Time in with the Creator brings security, peace and comfort to the inner child.

Time in with the Creator and the spiritual support teams of angels, guides and masters will bring a feeling of safety, harmony and console to your inner child.  A spiritual daily practice is a critical element in this chaotic world.  Time in with your true self brings confidence and stability in your life.  It brings the knowledge that you are never separated from the Eternal, that you are loved beyond measure and that you are not alone.   

Commit today to honoring the inner child and experience the “time in” with your Creator that your child desperately desires.

Love, "with a heart of peace",
Susan J. McFarland

June 2013

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