Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clear the Space

Clear the Space

This morning started with a drum beat, “the go away beat” or as I like to call it the “clear the space” beat.  After getting the kids to school I sat down for meditation.  Beginning meditation today with my self-made buffalo drum; top, bottom, middle, top, bottom, middle, top, bottom, middle I tapped with my drum stick.  This drum beat is used to “clear the space”.  Clearing the  energies or space in your  home, your mind and/or your life and preparing it for the sacred seems to be a theme that resonates with us these days whether we have awareness of it or not.

Fall is the perfect time to “clear the space”.  October is a nesting month.  As we transition from outside to inside, from light to dark we prepare our space.  As the sacred season awaits us in the coming month it is necessary to not only release that which no longer serves us but to make room for that which is to come, the sacred.  Over the last few weeks I have been clearing clutter from my office, closets and pantry.  I love the process of reviewing the necessity of things and then determining whether they should stay in my life.  Some people might find this tedious, but for me, it is cathartic.  Driving to the Goodwill and letting go is such a feeling of freedom.  Clearing the space in my home provides openness for new sacred things to enter or for energy to flow freer in a sacred environment.

Not only does my physical home get cramped, but my mind is often cluttered with thoughts.  This week I have a head cold.  Normally I do not succumb to colds and if I do they are very slight.  But this cold is intense, is has “stuffed me up” and “I can’t breathe”.  This outer manifestation of a “cold” is a reflection of my inner world.  I am stuffed up with ideas.  I can’t breathe my head is full of thoughts.  For me, I need to release the overload through writing.  Others may need to express themselves through art, music, sport or nature for example.  Either way the space must be cleared so the sacredness of health can come forward.

Lastly, not only is my home and my mind overfilled, but my schedule is as well.  Life with two young girls and busy school and after school activities can be overwhelming. This fall on a conscious level I am reviewing my/our commitments to see which ones truly align with my heart and our purpose as a family.  Balance through rest and relaxation need to be a part of the plan.  The amount of time running from place to place engaged in outside agendas can be tiring and not always necessary. Consciously, we must choose to “clear the space” and allow for the sacredness of free, creative and restful time.

Begin today, to look for areas of your life where you can clear the space and allow the sacredness of life to shine through.  Whether it is actual items in your home, your “monkey mind” that never stops or actions that never end, now is the time to release, to “clear the space” and allow the sacredness of life to be present not only during the upcoming sacred season but from now on.  Once the “go away” drum beat is finished (only your hearts knows when) the “come to me” drum beat is next where the magic truly happens.  

Keep beating your drum and breathe freely.

Love, “with a heart of peace”,


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