Monday, October 21, 2013

Power of Connection

The Power of Connection

“Mitakoye Oyasin” is a Lakota phrase that means we are all related.  The award winning Native American Flutist, Douglas Blue Feather spoke on this subject last night at an event I attended.  To be “all related” means every two legged sentient being and every aspect of creation; stone, plant, winged, finned and four legged.  We are all one.  We are all connected. 

Almost a year ago my daughter, who is eight decided she wanted to play the piano.  After contacting my friend who plays the piano brilliantly we set up a time for lessons.  During my daughter’s lesson I noticed a Native American Flute on her table.  When I asked her about it she mentioned it was from a friend of hers that is a flutist.  The first connection began. The man she mentioned had recently met the president of the 
Gathering Thunder Foundation (GTF) with which I have a connection.

Soon afterwards I contacted Douglas Blue Feather regarding a possible flute workshop and fundraising opportunity for GTF.  Here we connected for the first time.  The events were successful as people came together for learning, community and inspiration.  More connections transpired.  After another fruitful weekend we learned that Douglas is connected to the Lakota Nation similar to GTF.  Douglas works with Chief Golden Light Eagle who is from the Nakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota and has ties to 11-11 similar to a spiritual organization with which I have a connection.        

The connections continue to happen, one after another.  Where will it go?  Where will it end?  The connection is ever expanding.  What started as a single act, a single question has rippled and touched an unknown number of lives. As the connection grows, the power of the connection grows with it, bringing more and more people into the sacred circle.  Think about your connections.  Ask questions, find common ground and see where spirit leads.  The adventure is in the journey through the power of connections.   

Love, "with a heart of peace,"

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