Friday, January 10, 2014

The Divine Order of the Universe; and my life

The Divine Order of the Universe; and my life

Believing in the Divine Order of the Universe is fine, but when it comes to trusting this fact in relationship to my life is where I find difficulty.  It is the first part of January, just coming off the holiday break.  There was an incredible storm at the beginning of this week, with high winds, excessively low temperatures and sufficient amounts of snow.  The kids were planning on returning to school after a two week break.  Although we were ready for the end of the break the Universe had different goals.

Admittedly I am a planner.  It’s not so much the details that I like but the knowing what the next move is and finding security in that thought.  This gives me a feeling of being in control of my environment, when in reality I am not.  Creator is in control.  Logically in my mind I understand this, but often my heart doesn’t follow this trust.  Why is this? What can I do about it, if anything?

As the week progressed and the kids were back in school, I relaxed into the comfort of my routine.  Each morning after the kids leave I carve out time for prayer, meditation, reading and writing.  In the middle of my quiet time the phone rang.  I answered it, as school often calls my home number.  It was a repair man to fix a recurrent problem with my furnace.  He was on his way.  What?  I had my whole day planned out.  How could I adjust to a disruption in my perfect plan?  Immediately I started organizing and cleaning my home.  This is my response to stress.  I become anxious and filled with anxiety, then in order to calm this feeling I pick up stuff laying around or wipe counters in an effort to relax.  As I become aware of my reaction, I finally settle down again and continue on with my day, yet feeling unsettled with the new schedule.

Perhaps I am alone in this feeling, but I doubt it.  Why, as a human is it so hard to “go with the flow” or “be in the moment” in the NOW.  I struggle with this probably more than anything.  It’s a New Year and with a new year comes new opportunities for growth.  In 2014, I want to not just recognize this anxiety and adjust accordingly, but I want to eradicate this belief from my mindset.  My intention for this year and beyond is to embrace these moments, as they are daily occurrences and the true reality of living in this world.  

I will continue to pray, meditate, read and write to help me connect with Spirit and to manage my stress levels throughout the day focusing on the knowledge that I am causing them myself.  They are perceived, and if they are created by me than I have the power to change them at any given time.  Assistance is always there to help, so call on your spirit guides and angels as well as Creator to help you.  Trusting in the Divine Order of life for yourself and the world will bring you lasting peace and eternal joy.  

Love, "with a heart of peace",

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