Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review and Renew

Review and Renew
Life is a circle.  It is a process of reviewing and renewing.  I was reminded this past week of how important it is to relook at events and people in our life from a new perspective in order to gain further understanding.  There is talk recently about being in the Now, which is certainly beneficial and important.  Yet, I find that we must readdress past issues to shed new light on them so that they can bless them and move forward.  In order to be in the Now the past needs to be redefined.   For this reason I share this story.

Over fifty years ago my brother was adopted.  He was three years older than me.  As a high energy boy he was constantly unsettled.  Difficulties with stillness and focus caused him challenges in school.  I knew him as the brother who both loved me and tortured me.  One minute he was a kind sensitive brother.  The next moment a devious little boy, pouring a pitcher of water over my head or throwing shoes at me to wake me in the morning.  As he grew older the antics increased.  He ended up in jail due to an addiction.  Shortly after that he died at the young age of twenty.

Telling you this today is not to focus on the negative but to uplift the life of my brother and release my past perspective of him and his life.  For years while he was on the Earth and even after his death the only memories I have are from the last years of his life and the “tragedy” of his death.  My parents wished to move on from these events.  Years have passed, yet his memory is stagnant in a dark place.  To relinquish the judgment and lack of understanding will aid in healing me and on a higher level the world. 

He recently contacted me through an intuitive and specifically asked me to reconsider his life from a new vantage point.  He chose to leave.  He was a highly sensitive being trying to live in a three dimensional body during a time when this experience was difficult.  For his soul’s journey he needed to “experience” the life he did so he could further his growth.  Not only for him, but for me personally, he decided it was best to exit at that time, for my expansion.  His ultimate goal was/is to shed Light on the effects of a third dimensional world on highly sensitive kids.  

Today, as I write my two highly sensitive daughters sleep upstairs.  As reported, many children today are coming in at very high energy levels.  These children are extra sensitive to the environmental conditions we live in today.  It is critical that they spend time in nature, have moments to the just “breathe” and “release” and be in a quiet space to regain their energy so they can renew.  Teaching them tools to exist in this space is our job.

Seeing my brother’s life in a new Light has lifted the cloud of darkness.  I now focus on the happy moments of our childhood together, whether it is trips to Florida, camping or attending hockey games.  Understanding my brother’s true mission reminds me that what we see on this Earth is but a reflection of our inner world and can alter in a moment upon our desire to change it.  Spend time reviewing your life, especially the darker corners and see if Light can shine on them and renew you. 

Love, "with a heart of peace",

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