Monday, January 12, 2015

To See Beyond

“To See Beyond”

Being sensitive and empathic, “seeing beyond” is a part of my life.  First considered a curse I now see it as a gift.  As any gift from Creator it is our duty to share it with the World around.  Physically seeing is difficult for me, challenged by poor vision since a young age.  Intuitively, perhaps because of this, my ability to “see beyond” has increased over the years.  As my comfort level grows through acceptance, study and practice my ability to “see beyond” matures.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”  Jonathan Swift

“Seeing beyond” first involves seeing the cause.  Recognizing the cause of the reaction, words or deeds is a primary step to awareness.  In raising young children this is critical.  Often the action is only a reflection of the cause.  Often times it is the hunger or the tiredness that causes the tantrum at any age, myself include.  The cause often stems from the past.  The past triggers the response bringing it into the present.  We see this in the world chaos, whether it is the conflict in the Middle East or the reaction to Ebola. In order to heal this aspect, recognition must be followed by honoring.

Seeing consequences and ramifications are the second element to “seeing beyond”.   Seeing prior to occurrences, may assist in altering unwanted behavior, yours or others.  This requires being present.  We must “see beyond” the horizon, the circumstances or perceived limitations.  Living in the past or dreaming of the future causes us to not see our presence.  Seeing only the drama that is created by the outside deludes are own reality. When our vision is clouded, “seeing beyond” is impossible.  With clear vision after recognizing and honoring our reaction, we now bless it with love.  Blessing it with love allows judgment to dissipate and our “seeing beyond” expands.            

Lastly, in “seeing beyond” we see potentials and possibilities where there once was fear and regret.  By releasing our negative emotions, reactions and thoughts we open the world of promises.  Blindness is often created by actual self-criticism, “seeing beyond” helps to turn condemnation into love. By changing our beliefs we turn darkness into light.  Our future is full of hope.  “Seeing beyond” the guilt and anxiety we allow the creative flow of the Universe to guide us. 

Seeing beyond involves seeing with all senses.  Look further than the tangible reality to a world where seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and inner vision guide you.   

“To see beyond present is wisdom, to see beyond possible is faith,” quoted from the Chicago Baptist Examiner.

Close your eyes, imagine a lemon.  Hold it.  Smell it.  Taste it.  Hear it. Sense it.  

What did you sense?  Could you feel its outer skin?  Did it have a fragrance?  Did your mouth water?   Was that experience real to you?

Now visualize a world of peace, a world of oneness, a world of self-love.

What did you sense?  Could you feel it?  Could you see it?  Was that experience real to you? 

We are all capable of “seeing beyond”.  Starting with seeing the cause of the word, action or inaction allows us to avoid the ego-based reaction that often accompanies.  Once this awareness is in place, we now understand the consequences of poor vision and can alter our response to change the outcome.  In doing this the potential for growth and ultimately love unfolds.  In recognizing, honoring, blessing and releasing the emotions caused by limited sight we enhance our ability to “see beyond”.

“See beyond” that which is present to that which is possible.

What do you see?

Susan J. McFarland
November 2014 

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