Thursday, October 30, 2014

Your Tiny Seed Self

“Your Tiny Seed Self, a Meditative Journey”

Begin by calling in Great Spirit and Mother Gaia, angels, guides and higher self.

Imagine yourself as a tiny seed.

What does your seed-self look like?   What does it smell like?  What shape is it?  Is it small or larger? What color is it? Is it brown, green, red or orange? 
What does it feel like?  Is it soft or hard? What type of seed are you?  Are you a flower, a vegetable, a green plant or even an acorn from a mighty oak, perhaps?  Breathe for a moment as you intuitively sense your tiny seed-self?

Now, see your tiny seed-self, placed gently into a container, into the garden or into the ground by your loving Creator.  Where is your seed-self now?  What environment is your seed-self resting in? You understand and know even though you are a tiny seed-self that you are in the exact environment you need to be at this moment.  Feel the loving embrace of Mother Earth as she surrounds your tiny seed-self, cradling you in the comfort of her soil.  What is the soil like?  Is it warm or cold?  Soft or hard?  Wet or dry? Clay, dirt or sand? Breathe in this feeling of security, warmth, and love, surrounding your tiny seed-self.

As you wiggle around to find just the right spot to lie, you feel the moisture of a raindrop against your tiny seed-self, nourishing your whole being.  The water although rejuvenating, creates changes in you that cause you to expand and grow.  This feels slightly uncomfortable at first, but natural still.  More warmth from the glowing sun makes you enlarge even more as you notice the top of your tiny seed-self, poking out through the dirt.  Whoa, what is this?  I have never seen this before?  Your tiny seed-self is amazed, excited and anxious at the same time.    Do I continue?  Should I stay in the loving arms of my Mother or carry on this journey of evolving, scared yet intrigued?   Breathe in this feeling of growth, expansion, and love.  Know that even with growth you are grounded in your Mother’s Love.  You grow and grow and grow.  Feel it.  Breathe it.

You are now no longer a tiny seed-self, but a marvelous, beautiful, abundant and expanded plant.  See yourself in all your glory.  Take a breath and imagine how you would look, how you would feel, what it would be like to touch your outer layers or taste your fruits, flowers, seeds or nuts?  You feel happy and grateful for the loving beginnings from Creator and Mother Earth.  You feel delight in the fact you are still grounded deep into the Mother protected and loved. You feel thankful for the nourishment of water and sun.  You feel strong, reaching toward Creator, heart extended. You feel proud for the courage you had to grow beyond the soil.  You feel joyful for the expansion, abundance and love you have now, in this moment.  Your tiny seed-self is not tiny but vast, immense and infinite now and always. 

Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

Love, “with a heart of peace,”

Susan J. McFarland

October 2014

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