Thursday, September 11, 2014

United in Oneness

“United in Oneness”

Today is 9-11, the anniversary of the bombing of the world trade center.  I placed the flag that honors one of the fallen on our doorstep in remembrance.  He was from Japan, a place where my husband travels for work.  How connected are we?  This event affected not only the victims and their families, not only New York City but the entire world, the entire consciousness.  Instead of dividing the world, it brought us closer together.  I believe it was a start to the raising of the world consciousness.  For this point on, when global tragedy arises we come together as One, in spite of what the media portrays.  Our hearts beat united.

Serving as an advisory circle member for the foundation, Gathering Thunder (GTF) I have seen first-hand the power of unity.  GTF supports Native culture and spirituality while caring for the elders and children of Native America.  The peoples first abused, then forgotten remain strong.  Just as the occurrence of 9/11, the history of the First Nations affects the entire consciousness of Turtle Island or North America.  Whether we acknowledge it or not we all are a part of this circle.

All children of Creator, standing together on Mother Gaia can raise the energy levels here, now.  Returning to the old ways of honoring the land, the air, the water and the animals while embracing the spirit of change and transformation can bring a lasting peace. 

Yet, this is not a singular journey although we are all on our own spiritual path.  This is a journey of the heart, the heart of the One.  We are all native to this Earth, to this planet.  We all belong here and we all are responsible for her care.  The time is now to respect the ways of the past, to ask forgiveness for all harmed and neglected and to move forward in unity, as brothers and sisters of this land, our home.

Susan J. McFarland
September 2014

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